Sunday, April 12, 2020

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Fantastic Free Photoshop Brushsets for Photo Manipulation – Part I

Custom Brushsets are awesome when it comes to doing photo manipulation works. They can be used for adding extra effects, such as smoke, rain, dust and particles, or used as an eraser to remove parts of a certain object’s layer mask.

During the years I came across a lot of great free Photoshop brushsets and I found them quite useful when it comes Photo Manipulation works. I also found that by simply adjusting the brush size, opacity and flow, you can add some very nice effect to your work.

In Part I of this series,  I will showcase 10 Fantastic Free Photoshop Brushsets for Photo Manipulation Works. I have included a brief description of the brushsets and how you can use them in front of the brush image. Hope you enjoy them :)

Here goes the list, enjoy!

Xplosion Brushes

This is a fantastic Photoshop brushset for painting cloud, smoke and render some misty effect for your manipulation. You can also use it for produce explosion effect as well.

7 WaterColor Brushes

If you need some watercolor effect in your manipulation, this is the brushset you need. The resolution of this brushset is very high, which is good for a bigger canvas size. You can also reduce the brush size down if you some detailed work done.

Watercolor Brushes

Another great set of watercolor Photoshop brushes – the different part from the previous brushset is that this set focuses on splatters, rather than stripes paint.

Cracks Brushes

A very nice set of cracks brushes, great for adding cracks onto different photo objects to produce break-apart effect.

Debris Brush Set

This brushset is great for adding dust and particle effect to your photo manipulation :)

Rain Brushes

A great brushset for adding some rainy effect into your photo effect, containing 6 brushes with different types of rain.

Silicon Brushes

Fantastic set of abstract lines/light effect Photoshop brushes, great for adding some finishing touches to your design.

Hyper Brushes

Another set of abstract brushes that you can use for adding some nice curvy lines and circles to your image :)

Grunge Brushes

Awesome set of grunge Photoshop brushes, great for digital painting, or use as background texture. You can use them as eraser as well to add grungy effect to different objects.

Abstract Fractal Brushset 16

A lovely set of Fractal brushset, wonderful for adding some nice fractal effect to any photo manipulation work.

That’s it for this post! Hope you enjoy those Photoshop brushsets and find them useful for your project! Till next time, have a great day!

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