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Essential Photoshop Shortcuts All Beginners Should Learn – Part III

This is Part III of the “Essential Photoshop Shortcuts All Beginners Should Learn” series here on PSD Vault. In this post, I will take you through another five wonderful Photoshop shortcuts that will make your design tasks easier and your workflow more efficient.

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1. Previous Brush & Next Brush

This will come a time where you want to quickly pick the previous or the next brush you have on the brush panel. To do this, simply press “,” key to use the previous brush, or press “.” key to use the next brush.

2. New Layer via Copy or Cut

This shortcut is particularly useful for non-destructive photo editing.

To make a copy of the layer below, press “Ctrl + J”. To make a copy of the layer below via cut, press “Ctrl + Shift + J”:

3. Magnify to 100%

Sometime you focus on a small portion of the image you work on and you want to quickly zoom to 100% and have a look at the overall image. You can do so by simply press “Ctrl + 1”:

4. Reapply last-used filter

To re-apply the last-used filter, press “Ctrl + Alt + F” – this shortcut is great for repeating the filter effect on multiple layers:

5. Switch from Magnetic Lasso Tool to Lasso Tool or Polygonal Lasso Tool

Occasionally you want to make complex selection and this shortcut will come in handy. When you are using Magnetic Lasso Tool, you can switch to the normal Lasso Tool by “Alt + Drag”, and  “Alt + Click” to switch to the Polygonal Lasso Tool:

That’s it for this post! Hope you learnt a thing or two, now go practicing those shortcuts!

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