Awesome Photoshop Brushes for Photo Manipulation – Vol.6

This series is simple – I’m sharing a bunch of awesome Photoshop brushes for photo manipulation. It’s the 6th volume in the series.

These brushes are of great quality and they would be fantastic for your next photo manipulation project.

Although they’re free to download, please check relevant licence before you use them.

Click on the image or the title to download the brushes via external sites

Night Light Photoshop Brushes

Fancy this sort of night street light?

Then get this brush pack – perfect for adding night street light effect:

John Silva Smudge Pack 2.0 (Painterly Edition)

This smudge pack is great for adding textured painting effect to your object:

Concrete Photoshop Brushes

Like its name, these brushes add concrete texture to your object. Great for urban building painting:

Water Brushes

Fantastic set of water splash brushes:

Shadows Brushes

Great set of fractal brushes, perfect for dark fantasy photo manipulation:

Concept Art Brush Pack

A massive collection of 106 concept art brushes. It might be a bit too much to handle at once, so be patient.

Night Sky Brushes

Need some star pattern added to your work? Try these night sky brushes:

26 Paint Brushes by Rutkowski

If you’re keen on boosting your concept art brush collection, get this set:


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