Interview with Awesome Graphic Designer and Photoshopper Mhark De Guzman

Welcome to another interview here on PSD Vault! This time we have Mhark De Guzman, an awesome graphic designer I came arcoss while browsing on Flickr. I was really amazed about the design of the works and the creativity behind them, not to mention the awesome effects in those works.

Hence I sought to have a chat with him about a series of questions I have in mind and sent him a Flickr mail – and thought I would share his answers to my questions with the reader of PSD Vault.

Hope you enjoy this interview and if you like to check out more of Mhark’s work, visist him on his Flickr page at:[email protected]/!


Thanks for taking the time to be interviewed on PSD Vault. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers ?

Hi there :D…im Mhark De Guzman a.k.a Aboynamedmhark, 23 y/o and im a Graphic designer from Philippines.


Is graphic design something that you’ve always been interested in? Can you give us a bit of idea of how did you get into this field?

My mentor(Shufflepath) encourage me to go into this kind of art, I liked photo manipulation very much..for me its very simple and easy…you just need right stocks for your piece and thats it.. just play on photoshop and explore everything…put something that comes from your mind and … enjoy it :D


Your works seem to be a mixture of C4D and Photoshop, what’s your experience with these two software?

c4ds are not mine, some of c4d renders i used are from Deviantart. I’m a pure Photoshop user, mixtures of c4ds and light FX + nice stock are pretty cool for me..eye catching also :D..

dance copy

Inspiration is something designers constantly seek, what would you do to find inspiration for your design work if it happens to dry out?

Browsing net, looking for eyecatching creation designed by the other great artist, plus music too :D…if im not into mood to make a design..i dont force myself :D.

cabal copy

Do you follow any design blogs? Any favourite artist?

I’m not into blog…more on forums…GFX forums…my fave artist is also my mentor…Shufflepath…also a Filipino Designer…he put me into this GFX world…i admire his artwork much…and he is the one who always helped me with all my questions about graphics…specially in FX..I also Admire PoisonVectors for his unique pieces…mixtures of C4Ds and light FX..always caught my attention…and gave me inspirations also :D


Are you a freelancer? If yes, what’s your experience in terms of attracting clients?

Nope, I worked as Graphic designer at the advertising company.


You have quite an extensive gallery here on flickr. Out of those work, what’s your most favourite one? Could you give us a bit of idea of the design process of it?

My greatest manipulation ever …”Curse of Nature”..took me 3 days to finished that piece..also won in Large Art of the Month themed “Supernatural” in a Filipino forum..inspired in “trapped and submerge” artwork of my mentor.

My first plan for that piece is to make just a fairy..but word “curse” comes to my mind, then i decided to make a manipulation which involving the fairy + curse effect + nature concept. Thanks to the owner of the stocks i used in that art.


That concludes this post! Hope you enjoy those works as much as I did and this interview. If you like to check out more of Mhark’s work, visist him on his Flickr page at:[email protected]/!

If you would like to be featured here on PSD Vault, simply contact me :)


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  • VInc

    awsome! you’re great ! :D

    cheer up DP! haha

  • matin

    thanx, it was great.

  • matin

    I love your taste in chosing the people you want to have interview with. Their works are very close to each other and I love all of it…thx for sharing

  • LieChie

    you are the one that is called god in many forum in GFX section . . . . !

    KIU idol . . . !

  • Bakuryu

    Your the man boss mhark… go team DP..!!

  • bente20

    Way to go Boss Mhark!!

  • hanep!!!

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    nice boss mhark.. husay mo talagah.

  • Elike

    keep de fire burning

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    PINOY PRIDE :D boss mhark!!!

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  • koza

    ang astig . . go boss mhark, .go DP!

  • greg

    dude i have to say man your the eix………………………im inspired big time including the fect that i wanted to drop graphics

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