20 Beautiful Christmas Text Art to Boost the Christmas Spirit (Plus 3 Photoshop Tutorials)

In this post, I collected 20 beautiful Christmas text art + 3 well-written Photoshop tutorials focusing on designing Christmas text effect. I’ve also included my comments of the art and why they look appealing to me, just below each artwork.

The festival season is upon us again and if you head down to the shops, you will notice a sea of Christmas decorations and to me, nothing works better than a beautifully-designed, Christmas text art to boost the Christmas Spirit!

You will see Christmas Typography used in all sorts of medium – posters, store signs, billboards, or just a small greeting card.

Here goes the list – get inspired!

Comment: I particularly like the mix of Christmas tree elements into the text itself.

Comment: interesting mixture of geometric shapes into the Christmas text art.

Comment: I enjoy the use of stripes in the Christmas text.

Comment: very clever use of liquid effect over the text

Comment: very creative to make the text into this ball ornament!

Comment: this art didn’t use the typical Christmas colours, but nonetheless the font makes the work stand out.


Comment: love the use of 3D in the text “2018”

Comment: I love the texture/pencil drawing effect over the text

Comment: I would imagine seeing this art in a big poster, in front of a department store

Comment: what could make it look good other than the beautiful lightbulbs

Comment: I can picture handing one of this art at the front door.


Comment: Simple black and white design, but the font and the overall sharp of the art really stand out

Comment: I would love to see this printed on a napkin at the Christmas lunch table

Comment: typical red/one colour scheme, I enjoy the knitted pattern around the edge

Comment: Again, the font is what this Christmas text art stand out.

Comment: beautiful nature elements surrounding the text

Comment: imaging this art print on a golden chocolate box

Comment: Great font, plus the decorative light spots really make this art look good

Comment: this deer look fantastic with the circular pattern over it

Comment: this text may not directly relate to Christmas, however the neon light feeling really make it look good. Plus you can simply change the text to “Merry Christmas” instead

Christmas Art Photoshop Tutorials

Check these 3 great Photoshop tutorials and spice up your Christmas design

Decorated Gold Metallic Text Effect

You easily use this gold text effect in any Christmas art. This tutorial focuses on explaining Photoshop’s layer styles, texture effect and custom brushes to create this artwork.

Last-Minute Holiday e-Card in Photoshop

This best part of the tutorial is the creating of the sparkling tree effect. Take a look!

Create A Christmas Tree Photoshop Text Effect

A great looking, grass/tree Christmas text effect:

That’s for the post! Hope you enjoy these Christmas text art and the tutorials. Have a wonderful Christmas and the holiday season!

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