Highly Creative Digital Art from “The Luminarium” Team’s 21st Exhibition

I recently came across an art group named “The Luminarium” – I was amazed by the amount of talent in the group and the creativity presented in each of the digital artwork. I decided to run a showcase here on PSD Vault and share some of their works in their latest exhibition (the 21st) in this post.

The theme of their latest exhibition is around “Elements”, and here is a brief description from their website on this chosen theme:

For our 21st release we have decided to explore those fundamental building blocks of life, the elements. Be they the ones that the ancients first believed in; Earth, Air, Fire and Water; or the modern periodic table elements. Without these basic pieces we would be nothing and we hope to have done their majesty justice.

Here are some of the outstanding digital artworks from this exhibition:

Akasha By: Maxime des TOUCHES

Akasha By: Maxime des TOUCHES

Illuminate By: jk3y & Smiling Demon

Illuminate By: jk3y & Smiling Demon

Heavy Rain By: Shue13

Heavy Rain By: Shue13

Earth By: Kuldar

Earth By: Kuldar

Blaze By: Maxime des TOUCHES

Blaze By: Maxime des TOUCHES

Phoenix awakening By: Aeon-Lux


The Power of Air By: Smiling Demon


Filling The Void By: disent


Terras Iridium By: ScottStedman


Orchestrated skies By: Breli4


Unshakable Rock By: Smiling Demon


Prometheus’ Gift By: Smiling Demon


CM-2.0 By: taenaron


The 39ers By: tsarye


Fire By: Cristian


Hydrogene By: Matthias Utomo


That’s it for this showcase! Hope you enjoy these works and if you want to check out more of “The Luminarium” group’s work, please visit their website.

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