Design a Super Delicious, Shining and Glossy Text Effect in Photoshop

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In this tutorial, I will show you the process I used to create this super delicious, shining and glossy text effect in Photoshop. In fact, I once again accidentally discovered this interesting effect while playing with Photoshop filters this afternoon and thought I could share it with you guys :)

Along the way, we will be using techniques such as layer blending options, filter effects, adjustment layers and a few photoshop tools. It’s a very simple tutorial, have a try!

Meanwhile, I have received a few enquiries about how to add colour effects onto a plain image from my past tutorial – and I decided to include the method I use to achieve the colour effect along with this tutorial. So read on if you’re interested!

Here a preview of my final result for this tutorial: (Click to enlarge)


Alternative versions:



Ok let’s get started!

Step 1

Create a new document sized 1200px * 800px and fill the background layer with Black. Duplicate the background layer once (Always a good habit) and grab the Gradient Tool (G) fill the duplicated layer as shown below:


After applying the gradient effect, duplicated this layer once and on the second duplicated layer, go to Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal and change the layer blending mode to “screen”.

You will have the following effect:


Step 2

We can make the background a bit brighter and fresher. So go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Color Balance and apply the following settings:







And you will have the following effect:


OK that’s for our background! We can now add our text effect onto it.

Step 3

Download this font and type some text onto it, resize and position it as shown below:

I typed Susan Boyle because I was so touched and inspired by her performance on Britains Got Talent show :) Wish her all the best!


Apply the following layer blending effect to the text layer:

Drop Shadow


Inner Shadow


Outer Glow


Inner Glow


Bevel and Emboss




Gradient Overlay


And you will have the following effect:


Step 4

Load the selection of the text layer (ctrl + left-click the thumbnail image of the text effect on the layer palette):



Then create a new layer called “fibre” (make sure you maintain the selection) and fill it with White colour:


Then go to Filter > Render > Fibers and apply the following settings:


Then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and apply the following settings:


Change the layer blending mode of this “fiber” layer to “lighten” and you will have the following effect:


To add some lighting variation onto it, we duplicate the “Fiber” layer once more and change the blending mode of the duplicated layer to “overlay”:


Step 5

Now we can add some colour onto our text! To do this, load the selection of the text layer using the method described previously, create a new layer called “colour” on top of all layers:


Maintain the selection of the text layer, grab a soft brush with colour of your choice and simply paint over the layer. You will see because we have a selection of the text, you will paint only within the selection not any other area:


Change the layer blending mode of this layer to “color” and you will have the following effect:


To add a bit more shining effect to finish off the text, duplicate the “colour” layer once and change the blending mode of the duplicated layer to “overlay”.

Here is the final effect: (click to enlarge)


Ok that’s it for this tutorial! You can of course add some of your own texture or filter effect and see what the end results are!

I added some textures on the background just to decorate it a bit: (click to enlarge)


Alternatve Colour


Hope you enjoy this tutorial, drop me a comment if you have any question, I will try my best to help you out.

Cheers and have a nice day!


  • My name is James and I have been using Photoshop since version 5.0 (long time ago!). PSD Vault is my spare time hobby and I write majority of the Photoshop tutorials and articles here. I hope you enjoy my blog, and feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions.

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    thanks for your useful tutorial, I have submitted a link of this article to our website in order to share it with more people. check

  • Márcio Guerra

    Really nice tutorial! I did enjoyed it! Didn’t seen such a light and easy tutorial with such a great overall look like this in a while!
    Good luck also Susan Boyle! Eheheh! You rock!

    Márcio Guerra

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  • pierre

    thanks for the tutorial I found it a nice one.


  • joyoge designers’ bookmark

    very easy tutorial nice effect, thanks..

  • DigiTaL JeweL

    nice tutorial , i like the final effect , thank you very much

  • photo retouching

    I am looking at taking my text skills to another level and this tutorial has left me with great ideas!

  • photoshop image masking

    Thank you for posting this great tutorial. The instruction is easy to follow, and the results I have gotten are amazing! Love it!

  • admin

    @everyone: thank you all for the comment, glad you enjoy the tutorial :)

  • huwaw69

    Great txt design and effect! groovy!

  • James

    Excellet tutorial!!!
    Could I ask you where you get the textures? Thank you.

  • Hawdy Yawll

    This was an awesome tut. Me and my work buddeh did it in a flash! 8D Thanks. :3

  • Tahti

    Thanks so much for this awesome tutorial! I used it here:

  • templtae

    Looks great!

  • Frankie

    Cool beans

  • Darius Connors

    I can’t seem to get the same look as yours. Do you have the PSD for this tutorial so I can compare it with mines?


  • DesignersArt

    Thank you for posting such a great tutorial. The instruction is easy to follow, but I got one problem, will u plz tell me something about white contour in step 4….
    Great website with great template hope you will also give a tutorial about Avatar for users you are using in the comments

  • Rmgblackknight

    Thank you for posting such a great tutorial.

  • Joelucky15

    my name is gun-shot,i am a musical artist.i am very happy to see this tutorial,i wish you long life.i hope i could see u one day

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