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Having a bright and white smile is one of the most important aspects of looking your best. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to whiten teeth in Photoshop, this is the perfect tutorial for you.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to whiten teeth in Photoshop using the hue/saturation adjustment layer and object selection tool. This is a simple and effective method that can produce natural-looking results.

Let’s begin.

Step 1

Save the image below to your computer (click to enlarge):

Choose the Object Selection Tool:

Draw a selection around the mouth area, the tool will automatically select the teeth:

Add a new Hue/Saturation adjustment layer:

Choose “Yellows” since only want to alter the yellow colour:

Apply the following adjustment:

If you want to adjust the amount of whitening, you can adjust the opacity of the hue/saturation adjustment layer.

Once you are happy with the results, save the photo.

Additional Tips

Most likely you would be happy with the result already, but here are some additional tips for whitening teeth in Photoshop:

  • Use a soft-edged brush when painting on the layer mask to create a smooth transition between the whitened teeth and the rest of the photo.
  • If you want to whiten the teeth even more, you can create a second hue/saturation adjustment layer and set the “Edit” option to “Master”. Then, drag the “Saturation” slider to the left to reduce the saturation of all the colors in the teeth.
  • Be careful not to over-whiten the teeth, as this can make them look unnatural.

Hope this tutorial was helpful! Drop me a comment if you have further questions.

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