How to Tidy Up and Smoothen Skin, and Do Eye Makeups in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you the processes I used to Tidy Up and Smoothen Skin, and Do Eye Makeups in Photoshop. Along the way, I will also explain the steps you can use to effectively produce smooth skin and get rid of black spots on face.

Previously I posted an interesting (well, at least I think it’s intersting) showcase displaying 30 Stunning, Absolutely Magical Photo Manipulations Focusing on Human Eye. A lot of people asked if I could produce a simple tutorial show the steps you can take to do eye makeups. Well, here it is :)

This is a faily basic tutorial and it’s designed for beginner. Tools we will be using included Spot Healing Brush, Dodge/Burn Tool, layer blending, and adjustment layers. Have a try!

Here is a preview of the before and after effect of the eye:




5 effect 2

Ok let’s get started!

To complete this tutorial, you will need the following stock:


Step 1

Load the “Eye” stock image into Photoshop, now let ‘s take a look at the original image and here is the analysis I came up with:

  1. The image has a lot of black spots, and bits of hair that really disturbs me
  2. The skin is OK, but if we can make it smoother would be bettter
  3. The eye colour is perferably better in Blue, and those bloodlines in the white part of the eye can go.

After you’ve done the above analysis, duplicate the background layer once and name it as “face skin”let’s grab the Healing Brush tool (J):

1 healing brush

Set the brush size to 15px, and hold down the Alt to define a source point as shown below:

1 grab skin

Gently work you brush around the spots you wish to heal:

1 heal

And clean up the lower part of the image as well, until you reach the following effect:

1 effect

Step 2

Now we have a fairly clean face, let’s tackle the eye. Firstly duplicate the previous “face skin” layer once and name it as “eye”. Firstly we want to get rid of the bloodlines in the eye. To do this, again we use the healing brush tool, define a new source point on this layer as shown below:

2 grab

Adjust the brush size accordingly to around 10-12px, work your way around the white of the eye until you reach this effect:

2 effect

Step 3

Now we onto the smoothening of the skin. We have used the healing brush tool before however, for the overall effect, it’s really handy to apply the dodge/burn tool (O):

3 dodge burn

So duplicate the previous “eye” layer once and name it as “dodge and burn”, use the dodge tool with the following settings:

3 dodge tool

The secret here to to set exposure level to a very low amount.

Work your dodge tool around the area you want the skin to become smoother and lighter, until you reach the following effect:

3 effect

Please note, you will have to adjust the brush size for different area, for the best result possible. Practice with it!

Step 4

Ok we can tweak the image a bit by adding some image adjustment layers:

Black and white (Set to blending mode to “Screen”)

4 bw

Duplicate this Black and White adjustment layer once, and change the blending mode of the duplicated layer to “Hard Light”, you will have the following effect:

4 effect

Now we’re on the interesting part of changing the eye colour. I simply created a new layer called “eye colour” on top of all other layers, grab a soft, round brush with a light blue colour and paint around the pupil:

4 paint

Change the layer blending mode to “colour” and you will have to the following effect:

4 effect 2

We can now add a shining reflection on the pupil. To do this, create a new layer called “reflection” on top of all other layers, grab a small white brush and paint on the centre of the eye, as shown below:

4 effect 3

Step 5

Now we can add some dotty effect around the eye. Firstly let’s make this dynamic brushset:

Shape Dynamics

5 shape dyn


5 sacttering

Other Dynamics

5 other dyn

and make sure you tick “Airbrush” and “Smoothing”.

Create a new layer, use this brushset to paint around the eye: (Set brush flow to around 40%)

5 paint dot

and we can add a curve adjustment layer to bring some depth into the image:

5 curves

and you will have the following effect:

5 effect

We can add some final effect onto our eye. How about some colours?

To add some colour around the eye, simply create a new layer on top of all other layers, set its blending mode to “overlay”, and grab some nice markup colour you like and paint around the eye:

5 effect 2

That’s it for this tutorial! Hope you enjoy it, drop me a comment if you have any question, I will try my best to help you out.

Cheers and have a nice day!


  • My name is James and I have been using Photoshop since version 5.0 (long time ago!). PSD Vault is my spare time hobby and I write majority of the Photoshop tutorials and articles here. I hope you enjoy my blog, and feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions.

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  • Hearing Aids

    That’s very well done. I can’t wait to try something like it. Thanks for the tutorial.

  • Too bright

    Very well done. But!. I think you made the “skin” too bright, I dont get the feeling of it beeing a real person. But otherwise well done, gonna try it,

  • april

    how do i “tweak the image a bit by adding some image adjustment layers:

    Black and white (Set to blending mode to “Screen”)”

    i don’t understand, help?

  • James

    @april: Ok, basically you add a new adjustment layer “layer > adjustment layer” on top of all the previous layers you created. In this case, choose “black and white”. Once the adjustment layer is added, then you go and change the blending mode of this black and white adjustment layer to “Screen”

    Hope this helps!

  • James

    @Too bright: just my personal taste :)

  • basketball shoes

    wa so cool
    so beautiful

  • Redskin

    Nice tutorial. Just for the detail, the eye only, makes the b&w layer a cool effect. Couldn’t you write a tutorial about manipultaing the eye? No beauty effect but something sci-fi like?…

    Keep up the good work!

  • Juventina

    Hey great tutorial thanks a lot… but I’m kinda stuck were April is, its
    Layer > New adjustment layer > ? ( it gives various options eg Levels, curves, color balance etc) which option should I chose?

    I’m a beginner sorry for the dumb questions :))

  • Juventina

    Thank you, never mind cs2 doesnt have the black and white option i installed cs3 now im sorted

  • Court

    you make it look so simple its actually kinda confusing

  • Phits

    tnx a lot im ur fan..very nice tutorial…….u are my master

  • hoz

    Thank you for your tut! I hade a little doubt when it came time for changing the layer blending mode to “colour”… but i got the following effect:Wow! =) very nice

  • John

    Thanks for the post! A lot of the users on my site will be very interested in this information.


  • Rosey

    hello im having a problem wat is it that u use for the dot effect? i mean wat brush do u use im stuck on that part

  • Alie

    Hi.. I’m having the same problem as Rosey.. You use a brush with little dots.. but I can’t find that brush.. So please can you explain how to do that.?

  • artdesignstuff

    WOW AWESOME I am gonna try this tomorrow immediatly! If I succeed I am gonna send you the results! :)
    Looks so cool!!

  • ali

    this is pretty cool, really look nice.

  • nanthini

    coo sweet it’s brilliant job

  • white

    very good,go on.

  • Connie Manis

    Wonderful stuff.. really full of usefull information. I’ll grab the RSS feed and will stay tuned for more. Oh, and I threw you a StumbleUpon vote ;)

  • cannibal78

    how do you do the scatterd dot brush thing? that’s a little confusing to me…



  • eleonora tonoli

    Hi ,
    I make your tutorial and I enjoy a lot. But , I haven’t the tool “other dynamics” . I udes Ps cs5. How I can do ? Thnx :) Eli . 

  • Sarah Gryff Lennon

    Yeah I enjoyed it but I couldn’t do the dynamics bit on cs4

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