Photoshop vs. AI Image Editing Platforms: Is There a Threat to Traditional Image Editing Software?

Does AI image editing platform presents a threat to traditional image applications like Photoshop?

Being a user of Photoshop for around 20 years, I constantly get asked this question – does Photoshop still have a place in a AI-driven world? Does AI image editing platform presents a threat to traditional image applications like Photoshop?

My answer is: Photoshop can co-exist peacefully with all AI image editing software. In this article, I will explain why this is the case in detail.

How AI Image Editing Platforms Work and Their Advantages

Image editing platforms use machine learning algorithms to perform photo analysis and editing. Using this technology, AI software can perform simple tasks such as background removal, colour enhancement and apply centre artistic style to your photo.

Image: an AI-generated banner

Often, these platform are faster and more efficient than traditional image editing software, and can save you a significant amount of time.

Furthermore, AI platform can be quite cheap (or even free), which is cost-saving for many entry-level users.

Photoshop’s Advantages

The current AI image editing platforms all have one big issue: lack of control and precision. User of these platform often needs to export their work out of the platform, and import them into Photoshop for further adjustment and fix.

While AI lacks precision and control, Photoshop allows users to have complete control over every aspect of the editing process, from selecting and manipulating specific areas of an image to adjusting colour balance and contrast.

Photoshop’s precision and control make it a tool of choice for professional photographers and graphic designers who require a high degree of accuracy in their work.

Being in the industry for over 20+, Photoshop offers a wide range of advanced features, including precise layer control, advanced masking and selection tools, customisable brushes and effects, and more. These tools allow professional photo editors to create complex and unique edits that cannot be replicated by AI software.

Image: a Photo Manipulation created with Photoshop. Credit: whatsmypurpose

Future Predictions

AI is definitely evolving rapidly and it’s taking over a lot of simple tasks that traditional image editing software used to perform. However, I believe Photoshop has its firm place amongst professional image editors and digital artists.

While AI image editing platforms are improving and offer many advantages over traditional image editing software, Photoshop still offers a wide range of advanced features and tools that are not yet available in AI software.

Therefore, both AI image editing platforms and Photoshop can coexist and serve different purposes in the creative industry, depending on the needs of the user.

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