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Cloud Texture is always one of the most likable texture amongst the designers. I personally love them because I can use them for a wide range of occasions and add extra effect to the design. Last weekend we had a bit of storm here and I took some photos of the storm cloud, just before the rain came. Thought I would share them with  you guys :)

In this texture pack, I bundled 4 High Resolution Storm Cloud Textures, free for personal or commercial use. Hopefully you will enjoy them and find them useful!

Click here to download this texture pack

Here is the low-res preview of the cloud textures:

Storm Cloud Texture 1

Storm Cloud Texture 2

Storm Cloud Texture 3

Storm Cloud Texture 4

Click here to download this texture pack

And lastly, I know it sounds both useless and annoying, but please DO NOT redistribute them and sell them online. Thanks and happy Photoshopping!

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