20 Must-Read Advanced Photoshop Tutorials with Cutting-Edge Feature

In this article, we share 20 advanced Photoshop tutorials for photo manipulation, layer adjustments and more.

Feeling like you’ve hit a plateau with your Photoshop skills? Don’t fret! The world of image editing is constantly evolving, and with it comes a treasure trove of advanced Photoshop tutorials ready to propel your edits to the next level.

But with so many options available, where do you begin? Fear not, aspiring Photoshop masters! This comprehensive guide curates 20 advanced Photoshop tutorials that leverage both classic techniques and the latest innovations from Photoshop updates.

Mastering Selection Techniques

Flawless selections are the cornerstone of many advanced edits. These advanced Photoshop tutorials equip you with the tools to isolate specific elements with incredible precision, and integrate some of 2024’s exciting features.

1. Pen Tool Mastery

Learn the intricacies of the Pen Tool to create smooth, accurate selections around even the most complex shapes.

2. Refine Your Selections with AI

Unleash the power of tools like Select and Mask and Refine Edge, now enhanced with AI capabilities for even more intelligent and precise object selection.

3. Content-Aware Fills

Explore the magic of Content-Aware Fills, a 2024 addition that lets you seamlessly remove unwanted objects and fill the gaps with content intelligently generated by AI based on the surrounding image.

4. Masking Marvels

Master the art of masking, allowing you to create non-destructive selections that offer ultimate flexibility during the editing process.

Embrace the Power of Layers

Layers are the building blocks of any Photoshop project. Advanced Photoshop tutorials on layer manipulation will elevate your workflow and open doors to creative possibilities, especially with the new features of 2024.

5. Layer Comps 101

Learn to utilize layer comps to experiment with different versions of your edit within a single file, streamlining your decision-making process.

6. Blending Mode Magic

Explore the power of blending modes to create unique effects by combining multiple layers in creative ways.

7. Advanced Clipping Masks

Delve deeper into clipping masks, a non-destructive technique for controlling the visibility of underlying layers.

8. Layer Adjustment Mastery

Learn to leverage adjustment layers for global and localized edits, allowing you to fine-tune aspects like colour balance and exposure without affecting the original image data.

Advanced Brush Techniques

The humble brush becomes a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled artist. Advanced Photoshop tutorials on brushwork will equip you with the knowledge to create stunning effects, especially with the new features of 2024.

9. Custom Brush Creation

Learn to create custom brushes that mimic textures, patterns, and natural phenomena, adding a unique touch to your edits.

10. Brush Blending Mastery

Master the art of blending to achieve seamless transitions between colours and textures, creating a realistic and polished look.

11. Pressure Sensitivity and Brush Gestures

Unlock the potential of pressure-sensitive tablets to achieve realistic brushstrokes that mimic traditional painting techniques. Explore 2024’s new brush gesture controls for even more expressive and dynamic brushwork.

Fine-Tune Your Images with Advanced Adjustments

Beyond basic brightness and contrast adjustments, advanced Photoshop tutorials on adjustments empower you to take total control over your image’s appearance.

12. Curves for Colour Correction

Learn to manipulate curves to achieve precise colour correction, targeting specific tonal ranges within your image.

13. HSL Magic

Master HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) adjustments to manipulate specific colour hues within your image, creating dramatic effects or subtle enhancements.

14. Dodge and Burn Techniques

Learn advanced dodging and burning techniques to selectively lighten or darken specific areas for a more sculpted and polished look.

Embrace the Power of Neural Filters

2024’s Photoshop update introduced a revolutionary feature: Neural Filters. These AI-powered filters offer a whole new level of creative exploration.

15. Style Transfer

Utilize the Style Transfer filter to transform your photos into the artistic style of famous paintings, adding a unique and artistic touch.

16. Landscape Mixer

Explore the creative possibilities of the Landscape Mixer filter, allowing you to blend different sky elements seamlessly into your photographs, creating dramatic or whimsical effects.

17. Colorise Black and White Photos

Breathe new life into your black and white photos with the Colorise filter, leveraging AI to intelligently add realistic colour to your images.

18. JPEG Artefact Removal

Use the JPEG artifacts removal filter to make your image look sharper and rid of flaws caused by compression.

Beyond the Still Image: Explore GIF Creation and Animation with New Features

Advanced Photoshop tutorials on animation unlock the power of creating simple yet captivating moving images.

19. Create Gif Images in Photoshop

20. Frame-by-Frame Animation with Onion Skinning

Learn the fundamentals of frame-by-frame animation, now enhanced with improved onion skinning functionality for smoother transitions between frames.

This is just a taste of the vast array of advanced Photoshop tutorials available online. Remember, the key is to find tutorials that align with your specific interests and goals. Whether you’re drawn to photo manipulation, digital painting, or animation, there’s a wealth of knowledge waiting to be discovered.

Happy learning, and remember, the journey to mastery is an ongoing adventure. With dedication and the right resources, you can transform your Photoshop skills and create stunning visuals that leave a lasting impression.

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