VIP Exclusive Tutorial – The Creation of “Mercury” Abstract Digital Art in Cinema4D and Photoshop

Welcome to another Exclusive Photoshop tutorial written specifically for the PSD Vault VIP Members! In this tutorial, author Kgaogelo Mphela will explain in detail how he created this “Mercury” Abstract Digital Art in Cinema4D and Photoshop.

This tutorial is available via the PSD Vault VIP members area.

Unleash your creativity with our VIP exclusive tutorial, “The Creation of Mercury,” a captivating journey through abstract digital art in Cinema4D and Photoshop. Accessible only through the PSD Vault VIP members area, this tutorial, authored by the talented digital artist Kgaogelo Mphela, delves into the intricate process of crafting the mesmerising “Mercury” masterpiece.

Final Image Preview

This is the image you will be creating: (click to enlarge)

What You Will Learn

  • Creating an Awesome Abstract Shape in Cinema 4D: Explore the realm of Cinema 4D as you craft a captivating abstract shape, pushing the boundaries of digital artistry.
  • Lighting Adjustment in Photoshop: Elevate your composition with expert lighting adjustments in Photoshop, learning techniques that add depth and dimension to your creations.
  • Coloring Techniques in Photoshop: Uncover the secrets of effective coloring techniques, transforming your artwork into a vibrant and visually stunning masterpiece.

Tutorial Spotlights

Here are some sample screenshots in this tutorial:

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