Create a Rather Interesting, Wavy and Curving Abstract Shape Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you the design processes I used to make this Rather Interesting, Wavy and Curving Abstract Shape Effect in Photoshop.

I was just playing around with the Photoshop the other day and discovered this funny effect by accident, thought it looks good and perhaps can be added to some of the photo effect you’re creating, or use it as some sorts of website background.

Along the way, we will be using the brush tool, filter effects, layer blending and some image adjustments. The steps of this tutorial is extremely simple and will be suitable for a PS beginner. Have a try!

Here is a preview of the final effect I have: (click to enlarge)


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To complete this tutorial, you will need the following stock:

Crack Brushset

OK let’s get started!

Step 1

Create a new document sized 1000px * 600px, fill the background layer with black colour. Create a new layer on top of the background and called it “light”, grab a 600px soft round brush with white colour, do a single click on the position shown below:

1 brush

Then Hit Ctrl + T and free-transform this light layer as shown below:

1 free trans

Reduce the layer opacity of this light layer to around 85%, you will have the following effect:

1 effect

Step 2

Drag this “light” layer to the centre of our canvas, then go to Filter > Distort > Twirl and apply the following settings:

2 twirl

And you will the following effect:

2 effect

Duplicate this layer a few times, try using the free-transform tool on different layers to create depth and shape variations. Here is the effect I can after the duplication and free-transformation:

2 effect 2

To bring out more lighting contrast, I added the following Curves adjustment layer on top of all previous duplicated layers:

2 curve

and here is the effect so far:

2 effect 3

Step 3

I then decided to have a try and see if I add some cloud to those shape, what effect that can bring me. So I create a new layer called “Cloud”, use the Lasso Tool with a 25px feather to draw a selection, then go to Filter > Render > Cloud and render the cloud as shown below:

3 render

Change the blending mode of this cloud layer to “Soft Light” and you will have the following effect:

3 change blending

Download a copy of this crack brushset and create a new layer called “crack” on top of all layers, change its blending mode to “Overlay”, grab any crack brush from the set and paint on it.

You will have this effect (or similar) so far:

3 effect 2

Step 4

Now let’s add some colours to those shapes we created. To do so, simply create a new layer on top of all previous layers, change the new layer’s blending mode to “soft light”, and grab a big soft brush with some colour and paint on it:

4 effect

To add a bit of extra lighting depth to the image, I simply duplicate the original “cloud” layer and drag the duplicated layer to the top, change its blending mode to “Vivid Light”, and apply the following motion blur settings to it:

4 motion

Duplicate this motion blur layer a few times and drag each duplicated layer to different position of the canvas. You will have the following effect:

4 effect 2

To touch up the image, I finally added this following curves adjustment layer:

4 curves

with the following mask attached to it:

4 mask

And this is the final effect I have for this tutorial: (Click to enlarge)


That’s all for this tutorial! Hope you enjoy it and find it useful and inspirational! Cheers and have a great day!


  • My name is James and I have been using Photoshop since version 5.0 (long time ago!). PSD Vault is my spare time hobby and I write majority of the Photoshop tutorials and articles here. I hope you enjoy my blog, and feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions.

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