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In this tutorial, I will demonstrate the processes I used to create this Crispy-Crust text effect with flower texture in Photoshop, inspired by Pizzahut’s thin’n crispy pizza base!

From this tutorial, together we can explore the power of blending style options, brush tools, image adjustment tools such as curve and hue tools, and some selection techniques in Photoshop.

Here is a preview of the final text effect:

Version #1

Version #2

Version #3

OK, Let’s get started!

Step 1

Click here to download a copy of flower texture, which will be used later in the tutorial. Feel free to use your own flower image if you like.

Step 2

Create a new document with 800*400px dimension, then use the type tool to type some sample texts. I chose this font for this tutorial, however you may use any font you like in your computer. Please see below images for details of this step:

Text Colour:

Text Position:

After you finish typing and positioning the text, press ctrl+s to save the document as “Flower Text”.

Step 3

Now we can start exploring the power behind the layer blending options in Photoshop! Right-click the “flower Text” layer and select “blending options”, then apply the following blending style to this layer:

Drop Shadow

Inner Shadow

Inner Glow

Bevel and Emboss


Color Overlay

Gradient Overlay

Step 4

Hold Down Ctrl and Left Click the “Flower Text” layer, this will make a selection the text. Your selection will look like the following image:

After you select the text, create a new layer called “flower texture” on top of the “flower text” layer.

Load the flower texture you just downloaded into Photoshop, then go back to the “Flower Text” document and drag the selection (select the rectangle marqee tool from the toolbox, move you mouse over the selection, left click to drag the selection) onto the flower texture document (You can choose anywhere you like). This way we only move the selection, not the image.

On the flower texture document, use Ctrl + C to copy your selection, then go back to the “Flower Text” document, use ctrl + v to paste the selection onto the flower text. Then change the layer blending option to “Lighten” and set an inner shadow for this layer.

Detailed settings please see below:

Layer blending style

Inner shadow

Step 5

After you apply the layer blending styles, go to image > adjustment > Curve and use the curve tool to adjust a bit of the colour contrast.  Optional: You may also you hue tool the adjust the colour tone of this layer a bit.

Detailed settings see below:

Curve Tool


Step 6

Duplicate the “Flower Texture” layer twice. keep the “Inner Shadow” blending option enable for the first one, but disable it for the second one.

So far you will have this effect or something similar:

Ok, that’s it for this tutorial! As usual I leave out the rest to your own creativity. Remember, tutorial can only give you inspiration and guideline, you will need to develop your own style and try to be as innovative as possible with your work~

I did two versions of this text effect:

Simply drop me a comment if you have any question or feedback for this tutorial. Cheers and have a great day!

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