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rocky-text-flatten Text Effects

In this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to Create this Unique Rock Text with Space Background in Photoshop. I will show you an interesting way to place the rocks and join them together with simple line-drawing techniques. This is a beginner to intermediate level tutorial, have a try!

Rabies_Star_Brushset_by_Rabieshund Inspirations

I love space artworks – mainly because there is alway certain degree of mystery in them. After all, that’s a place far beyond our reach and most of us will never get to experience the real space.

Photoshop, on the other hand, give us the freedom to put our imagination into some sort of “reality”. By using Photoshop, we’re able to transform our thoughts about how space would look into digital artworks. And also we can combine different types of space element into our design and create surreal, fantasy effect with them.

In this post, I put in 100+ Brilliant Space Photoshop Brushes to Beautify Your Design + 6 Amazing Space Artworks to Inspire You as a designer. Hopefully you will find them useful and give you some inspiration towards your design.

Here goes the list, enjoy!

free-scene-flatten-2-final Photo Effect

In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to create this really great looking, space-themed “Unleash Your Creativity” Artwork in Photoshop. Have a try!

The point I would like to address in this tutorial is how we can achieve great lighting effect by simply mixing custom brushset and various Photoshop filters, plus we will be exploring different layer blending effects and the use of Pen Tool to create abstract lines. I will also show you how to quickly render realistic star field effect in Photoshop.

Inconsistent_by_thiagochackal Inspirations

If you have been a PSD Vault reader for some time, you might have already sensed that I’m a fan of space artworks – having written numerous photoshop tutorial about planet creation, nebula design, and many other similar space concept tutorials :)

I love the fact that space art always conveys a sense of mystery, and the endless boundary to be pushed and discovered. For me, those space artworks are also a source of inspiration, because they always help me when I’m lack of creativity and imagination.

In this post, I will include 30 Incredible, Simply Stunning Space-Themed Artworks that I collected from Hopefully those works will inspire you as they did for me and boost your creativity!

In this tutorial, I will show you the processes I used to design this awesome space dancer scene with Nebula Texture in Photoshop. The inspiration of the tutorial in fact came from the latest “Prince of Persia” game cover (and yes, I do love this game very much!)

Together we will be using image adjustment options, layer blending, masking and filter effect. I will also like to emphasise that it’s very importance to choose the right stock texture for your design, as they will contribute and improve your final effect dramatically.

This is an fairly easy tutorial and I hope you enjoy it! Have a try!

nebula-final4 Abstracts

In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to create a realistic nebula scene from scratch in Photoshop. We will be using technques such as the Pen Tool, various filters for texture rendering, layer blending and some dynamic brushes.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy new year and all the best for 2009! Thanks very much for visiting my blog and hope to see you again next year!