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Welcome to the 3rd volume of our “Awesome Photoshop Brushes for Photo Manipulation” series. In this volume, I will share with you some useful Photoshop brushes collected around the web. These brushes are of great quality and I use them frequently. They would be fantastic for your next photo manipulation project!

Best PSD Vault Photoshop Tutorials 2014 Abstracts

Hi guys, this is James here and 2014 has flown past us – as we step into the holiday season, I would like to say a big thank-you for all your readers out there who have visited my blog in the past year. I really do hope my tutorials and articles have helped you with your Photoshop adventure! It has been a great joy for me and the tutorial writers on PSD Vault to share our knowledge with you guys.

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This is a new series called “Awesome New Photoshop Brushes for Photo Manipulation” here on PSD Vault. We will share with you some useful Photoshop brushes collected around the web. These brushes are of great quality and would be fantastic for your next photo manipulation project!

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Lately I have been doing a lot of digital paintings and manipulations in Photoshop. As a result, I came to realise that what a big difference you will have, if you have a nice set of digital painting Photoshop brushes to add special effect to your painting or manipulation.

Here are a list of fantastic digital painting brushes you can download and use for your project – personally I like them very much and I hope you guys do too

basics-toolbar-menu-panes Basics

The aim of this article is to explain a number of frequently-used tools in Photoshop Toolbar, as well as giving an overview of Photoshop Menus and Options Panes.

Photoshop is an incredibly powerful software application for image editing, drawing, painting, touch up and color correction. This application can be a bit intimidating to new users who have no clue on how to use the plethora of elements on its interface. If you have wanted to use Photoshop but did not know where to start, you will soon be on your way to creating original artwork or editing digital images after going through the Photoshop basics below.

Once you open the application, you will find a variety of elements including a toolbar, menus, and options panes. You can reveal or hide some of these elements by selecting or deselecting them in the window menu, respectively.

portrait-2-flatten-feat Photo Effect

In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to create this awesome fiery portrait in Photoshop.This is a beginner-intermediate level tutorial aiming to give some practices on layer blending, selection and coloring techniques in Photoshop.

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The digital brush is as effective as the physical one. When painted by an expert hand, Photoshop brushes can speak many words. It helps to connect with your audience which words can’t convey. Mastering it, however, is not an easy task by any means. In fact the going gets tough here. It takes superior precision and years of practice to create a connection between the monitor and your hand.

This article is aimed to provide Photoshop beginners with the basics of Photoshop Brushes, which is arguably the most essential function of Photoshop.

Photo-Realistic-Retro-Radio-177 Drawing

This tutorial is written exclusively for PSD Vault by Mohammad Jeprie.

In this tutorial, we will draw a retro radio from scratch in Photoshop and Illustrator. We will start by drawing its wireframe in Illustrator and then export the path to Photoshop where we will continue to polish it. This is extra long tutorial with a total of 131 steps! If you think you’re up to the challenge, dig in now!