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jump-scene-flatten-2-final Abstracts

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can utilise the amazing power of image adjustment layers to make colour, contrast and lighting change for any chosen image in Photoshop, by walking you through the design process of this man jumping scene.

The reason I put up this basic tutorial is that lately I have receive some requests from people wishing to learn some techniques involved in using adjustment layers.

Along the way, not only I will be using image adjustment layers techniques, but also I will show you some skills I use to create break-apart effects, pen tool and layer blendings. Have a try!

the-lys-a-peaceful-dream Inspirations

Welcome to the first volume of the “Seeking Inspiration” series! This series is aimed to provide inspirational contents in terms of graphic and web design, and to give you a boost for your creativity. This series will be divided into parts and each part will focus on a specific topic from the graphic/web design field.