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desert-city-blast-alt Photo Effect

Create a Distant Desert City Scene with Energy Ray Blast in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you the processes I use to create this fantasy style, really cool distant desert city scene with an awesome energy ray blasting through the sky in Photoshop.

Along the way, we will be using tons of layer blending techniques, and I will show you how to merge the images together effectively and efficiently. We will also explore skills such as masking, filter effects and various custom brushsets.

This is an intermediate-level tutorial, have a try!

city-on-cloud-flatten Photo Effect

Design an Awesome Watercolour Style “City on Cloud” Artwork in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show the steps I took to create this really cool, watercolour style “City on Cloud” Artwork in Photoshop. I was experimenting the new brushsets and textures I downloaded today and thought I could combine them together and see what result they can bring :)

Along the way, we will be using a lot of photo manipulation techniques such as masking, filter effects, layer blending options, and custom brushsets.

This is an intermediate tutorial and some steps can be a bit tricky, but why not have a try :)

lost_city_by_morano Inspirations

30 Magnificant, Simply Stunning Futuristic City Matte Painting Artworks

Futuristic City Themed artwork is a style I always love looking at. I’m alwasys attached by the emotions that are expressed in those artworks, and this amazing creativity and telent those artists displayed in those artworks.

In this post, I will include 30 Magnificant, Simply Stunning Urban City Matte Painting Artworks for you to browse through. They’re wonderful works done by some awesome artists with tons of effort.

Hope you enjoy them and if you wish, share your thoughts with us : )

pop-art-urban-poster-final-3 Abstracts

Create a Pop Art Style Poster with Urban City Background in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you the process I used to create this Pop Art Style Poster with urban city background in Photoshop by using a combination of Photoshop Filter effects. Again this effect is discovered by accident and I thought I can share it with you guys :)

Along the way, we will be using a lot of filter effects, masking technique, layer blending options, a number of selection techniques including the use of edge refining and magic wand. The steps are quite simple for this tutorial even for beginners, however the end result looks good in my opinion. Have a try!