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Create Underwater Themed Abstract Piece In Photoshop and Cinema 4D

This Photoshop tutorial is written exclusively for PSD Vault by Australian Graphic Designer Stuart Ballinger.

In this tutorial, I will teach you to create a Underwater Themed Abstract Piece similar to my own piece “Marianas Trench”, which includes photo manipulation, 3D modeling and Photoshop postwork.

This is an intermediate tutorial, and a certain degree of program knowledge will be necessary. I have included the original 3D render for those who lack access to Cinema 4D.

Text Effect,

Create Unique 3D Grass and Stone Text Effect in Photoshop CS6 Extended

In this tutorial, I will show you the steps to Create Unique 3D Grass and Stone Text Effect in Photoshop CS6 extended. We will explore the use of the 3D functions to create this interesting text effect. We will also go through some texturing techniques and filter effects. If you don’t have CS6 extended, you can just download this 3D render I have here and load it into your Photoshop. The PSD file of this tutorial is available to buy on PSD Vault Shop, or via the PSD Vault VIP members area. This is an intermediate level tutorial so some