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In this post, I will share with you 25 really cool, high-res abstract style Photoshop brush sets I have in my bookmarks for your next design project. Hope you like them and find them useful :)

Personally I love those abstract style brushset because I found them quite useful when you want to add a bit of finishing touches to spice up the image. Mixing them with colors and filters, you can produce very nice effects for your image.

Here goes the list, enjoy!

Xtreme Set by ~JavierZhX

Dreamy Fantasies 2 by *TreehouseCharms

Crystalline Brush

Abstract Brushes by ~Metal-CX

Wicked Abstract III by ~Graphix-Networks

Starry Grunge by ~Rhyme2k

Fractal Chaos by ~JavierZhX

Ardcor’s Rings

N-Q Abstract Brush Set 2 by ~N-Q

Dawn Brushes by ~differentxdreamz

Debris Brush

Dreamy Fantasies 1 by *TreehouseCharms

Lionheart Abstract Brush Pack by *Bleekster

Abstract Smudge Brushes by *FortuneGfx

Silky Lights

ZIAs Smooth Abstract

Abstract Brushset XV

Enigma Brushes

Raging Dawn Brushes

Abstract Brushes Vol 8

Abstract Brushes by ~kRAKOGRAFF

Rise Brushes

Comet Brushes

Euphoria Brushes

Burning Soul

That’s it! Hope you enjoy this collection and find it useful!

Until next time, have a great day and Merry Christmas!!

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