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Lighting Effect always bring extra flavours into whatever photo manipulation you’re creating. In this post, I will showcase 16 Unique Photo Manipulation Artworks with Awesome Lighting Effect. Pay attention to the technique used in adding those lighting effect and how it compliment and enhance of the overall feeling and atmosphere of the artwork.

Photo Effect


Welcome to the 49th edition of “Typography Blendr”! This is a series to showcase some highly creative, beautiful typography works from around the web. So if you’re working on a typography design project and need inspiration, this series will be a great place to check out!

Text Effects


In this tutorial, I will show you the process used to make an interesting abstract text effect with a Topography Map. We will practice the use of liquify filter, layer blending options, some simple image adjustments and custom brush painting. Have a try!


In terms of Icon design, people may think of Illustrator (or any other vector-oriented software) much more often that Photoshop. However, what happen if you just want to make some icons and the only tool you have is Photoshop?

Here I collected 11 Ultra Delicious Icon Design Tutorials Done in Photoshop to show you how you can create great icons with the drawing facilities available in Photoshop. If you haven’t already seen them, take a look! You might be surprised to see how Photoshop can do :)

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