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Welcome to the 34th edition of “Typography Blendr”! This is a series to showcase some highly creative, beautiful typography works from around the web. So if you’re working on a typography design project and need inspiration, this series will be a great place to check out!


In this post, I will showcase you 22 (Perhaps) the Most Unbelievable Human Photo Manipulation Artworks to boost your inspiration. Those works are mixed with surreal, or even bizarre concepts, and the techniques used in those artworks are simply top-class – that’s why I call them unbelievable.

I personally think you will lots of creativity in those works and hopefully they can give you tons of inspiration for your next design.

Please remember, if you like those works, click on them and drop a comment or two to support those great artist, they deserve it :)

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Have you ever come across an amazing looking photo that has vibrant colour and huge depth, and you wondered how on earth could this image be created in the first place? If you have, you probably bumped into one of those HDR (High Dynamic Range) images.

In this post, I have included 30 Mind-blowing HDR Images + 10 Articles that I found useful on How to Generate Them. Hopefully those wonderful works would inspire you, and the articles can get you started on HDR image processing.

I would love to hear from you about the experience you have for this respective, simply drop me a comment below and we can all learn together!

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