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Interview with Amazing Illustrator and Freelance Art Director Richard Roberts

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Richard Roberts, who in my opinion is a fantastic illustrator and a great art director. I first came across his works on deviantART and was immediately drawn into them.

In this interview, Richard shares his experience as a digital illustrator, his own unique approach to digital art, creative process and tips and tricks for attracting clients as a freelancer. Make sure you check out this interview, and hopefully you would find it interesting and useful.


Interview with Amazing Photoshopper Tadeo Alexander Martinez Anguiano

Recently I bumped into a great graphic desginer Tadeo Alexander Martinez Anguiano on Flickr and I personally think he has an amazing set of design works and great talent. I sought to have an interview with him, which he kindly agreed :)

In this post, I will share with you Tadeo’s answers to my interview questions, along with some of his fantastic works. Hopefully you will enjoy them and find them useful.

cabal copy

Interview with Awesome Graphic Designer and Photoshopper Mhark De Guzman

Welcome to another interview here on PSD Vault! This time we have Mhark De Guzman, an awesome graphic designer I came arcoss while browsing on Flickr. I was really amazed about the design of the works and the creativity behind them, not to mention the awesome effects in those works.

Hence I sought to have a chat with him about a series of questions I have in mind and sent him a Flickr mail – and thought I would share his answers to my questions with the reader of PSD Vault.

Hope you enjoy this interview and if you like to check out more of Mhark’s work, visist him on his Flickr page at:!

Stunning Playa

Interview with Aspiring Graphic and Web Designer Elena Savitskaya

Hello and Welcome to the new Interview section I set up here on PSD Vault! In the section, I will publish a series of interviews I have with some turely amazing web and graphic designers around the world, and share their experiences and stories with the readers here. It’s also my wish to help promote those fine designers at international level, based on the decent amount of traffic PSD Vault generates on a daily basis.

In this first interview, we have Elena Savitskaya – an Amazing and Aspiring Graphic and Web Designer from London, UK. I came across her work from flickr and was immediately impressed by the skill and talent displayed in those works, not to mention that her work has been featured on Advanced Photoshop Magazine!

Here goes Elena’s story, hope you enjoy this interview and if you wish, check out Elena’s website for more!