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ps-tutorial-draw-a-halloween-pumpkin-featured Drawing

How To Draw a Halloween Pumpkin In Photoshop

In this tutorial, we are going to draw the famous icon of halloween, the pumpkin with scary face, Jack O’ Lantern. We will start drawing its basic shape with help from Pen tool and continue with drawing manually using the old realiable Brush tool.

This Photoshop tutorial is written exclusively for PSD Vault by Indonesian graphics designer Mohammad Jeprie.

Photo-Realistic-Retro-Radio-177 Drawing

Draw a Realistic Retro Radio using Photoshop and Illustrator from Scratch

This tutorial is written exclusively for PSD Vault by Mohammad Jeprie.

In this tutorial, we will draw a retro radio from scratch in Photoshop and Illustrator. We will start by drawing its wireframe in Illustrator and then export the path to Photoshop where we will continue to polish it. This is extra long tutorial with a total of 131 steps! If you think you’re up to the challenge, dig in now!

tutorial-ps-ios-camera-icon-160 Drawing

VIP Exclusive Photoshop Tutorial – Draw an iOS App Camera Icon

Welcome to another Exclusive Photoshop tutorial written specifically for the PSD Vault VIP Members! In this tutorial, we will explain in detail how to draw an iOS App camera icon in Photoshop. This tutorial is written exclusively for PSD Vault by Mohammad Jeprie, who is an excellent icon designer from Indonesia.